Easy Gingerbread House Games

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Gingerbread Houses


Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Enjoy the scent of sweet ginger and cinnamon while gingerbread bakes in the oven. Activities while you wait: have children practice decorating virtual candy houses Children can learn valuable mouse skills and improve dexterity with these simple and fun gingerbread house and castle drag and drop javascript games.

These easy drag and drop javascript games are designed mostly for preschool children and people who are just learning basic mouse skills. Find house patterns at Paper Gingerbread. Printable stencils handy for creating gingerbread houses and cookies.

Gingerbread House Play Time

Decorate this Candy HouseCandy Gingerbread House house002thGingerbread Winter Cottage Gingerbread CottageGingerbread Cottage
Decorate a Dog HouseGingerbread Dog House Pink House
Pink Candy House