American Military and Patriotic

usa political cartoon americana 13 star flagiconPatriotism is alive and well in Scissorcraft.  Print-it-yourself wallpaper or gift-wrap patriotic theme gift wrap for small, personalized and unique gifts that can be easily covered by letter or legal sized paper.

Create special, one-of-a kind gift wrapping for small presents for the 4th of July and other patriotic holidays and events. Colorful and unique gift wrap you can print on your home or office laser jet or color printer.

Patriot and Military Theme Gift Wrap

Plan ahead and print out these patriotic crafts and Independence day decorations and craft activities. Color book images for Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and other important patriotic events.

Turn off the TV and include patriotic color book images for family events and family outings or trips to keep the kids occupied with worthwhile and educational paper craft resources.

Teach children the importance of patriotic observations and why we commemorate and celebrate patriotic theme events and celebrations